G.P Meetings at The Mayo Clinic:


We hold educational evenings for GP’s here at The Mayo Clinic. These are usually held on the last Thursday of every month. The numbers for these meetings are usually kept small but are open to any GP who wishes to attend. Please contact us on 09490 20202 to reserve a spot. Previous speakers at these meetings include; Cardiologists- Dr Gordon Pate, Dr Brian Hynes and Dr Faisal Sharif, Endocrinologist- Dr Frances Finucane, Dietician and Nutritionist Caroline Brosnihan, Rheumatologist- Professor John Carey, Physiotherapists- David Ukich and Conor Mc Hugh, Orthopaedic Surgeons- Mr Derek Bennett and Mr Osman Yagoub.


  • Musculoskeletal Workshop – Theory and Practical – Thursday 24th September   6.30pm – 9pm

  • Osteoporosis and Cardiac Workshop – Theory and Practical – Thursday 5th November        6.30pm – 9pm

  • Mobility and Obesity Workshop – Theory and Practical- Thursday 28th January 6.30-9pm

  • Healthy Heart Education-Introducing Cardiology Services at The Mayo Clinic- Theory and Practical- Thursday 25th February 6.30-9pm

  • Osteoporosis the Silent Disease- Thursday 28th April 2016 6.30pm-9pm.

  • Cardiology Services at The Mayo Clinic – Thursday 1st September 6.30pm-9pm

  • Advances in Cardiology and Stroke Care- Thursday 27th October 2016 6.30pm -9pm

  • Musculoskeletal theory and practical workshop- Thursday 2nd March 2017 6.30pm- 9pm

  • Cardiology Workshop- Theory and Practical- Thursday 30th March 2017 6.30pm- 9pm


Dates for your Diary

  • World Osteoporosis Day – October 20th

  • World Physiotherapy Day – September 8th



  •  MAC

This cmac logoonference which is now in its eighth year has grown to become the largest specialist joint replacement conference on the island of Ireland. It is attended by specialist joint replacement surgeons from all over Ireland and Europe. This year the conference will be hosting the annual general meeting of the Irish American Orthopaedic society and we will present a lifetime achievement award  to Dr Peter Sharkey of Philadelphia Pennsylvania for outstanding achievement in his career in joint replacement surgery. For more information about Mayo Arthroplasty Conference visit www.mayoarthroplastyconference.ie